THE HONEY TRAP  -   A Comedy in Two Acts

Cast: 6 total – 4 Female, 2 Male


Setting: July 3 1957. A Las Vegas Hotel room with a view.  The play takes place the night before the largest above ground nuclear bomb is detonated in the continental United States.


The play opens as a corrupt retired Colonel and his secretary arrive for a pre-mushroom cloud party.  When two unexpected guests arrive, everyone's future is changed forever. 


Let the chaos and slamming doors begin.



BBrian Stepowany  Tawney Rucker  Sandy Irving  Joy Liu  Joy Gerst  Angie Bernazani

Production at Greenbelt Arts Center, Greenbelt, MD

TREAD  -  A drama in Two Acts

Cast: 8 total 4 Female, 4 Male

Setting: Spring of 1927 in Oklahoma on a new section of paved highway (i.e. The future Route 66.)  The action takes place in one night.  It is sunset. A young family is following the highway construction where they take time to dance on the new patch of pavement. Why are they dancing on the highway? It turns out the mother has the ashes of her child molesting and abusive husband.  She is pouring the ashes under the highway so his grave will be tread upon forever.TREAD was performed as part of the DC Black Theater Festival at the Source Theater in Washington, D.C.



Book and Lyrics by Michael C. Stepowany 

Music by Garrick Alden

Running time : 45 minutes

Setting: 7 foot tall blades of green grass are circled around the hut of Eartha

Cast: 8 total  - Eartha – Female.  One ‘Emcee’, 3 Ants, 3 Grasshoppers

Based on the Aesop’s Fable, the Ant & the Grasshopper.

It is summertime in the glen as Eartha Windinfire, or “Mother Nature” looks on from her hut, she referees a group of fun-loving grasshoppers and hard working ants.  Told by the emcee, the story weaves the well-known tale of “never putting off till tomorrow.”  As the seasons change the procrastinating grasshoppers pay the penalty by nearly freezing to death during the long winter months. Back from her trip to Miami, Eartha Windinfire summons the sun to thaw the Popsicle hoppers.  As the musical ends, the Hoppers and Power Ants vow to always “take care of business” before setting out on a course of fun.

POWER ANTS & HOPPERS had a full summer tour with the Maryland National Capitol Park & Planning

Procrastinate - Stepowany /Alden
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Book and Lyrics by Michael C. Stepowany 

Music by Garrick Alden

Running time: 45 MINS

Cast: 7 Any combination.  One ‘Adult’ and Six Children  Setting: A Junk Yard


The six children gather to express how they want to be famous athletes, performers etc. when the ‘Sky Wisher’ appears and promises to make them all ‘Superstars’

The Sky Wisher employs the various talents of the children to build their “Superstar Machine.” When the children pass through the machine; they have all remained the same.  Sky then shows each of them how they are already ‘Superstars’ and to use their talents to propel them to their own super-stardom.

SUPERSTAR had a full summer tour with the Maryland National Capitol Park & Planning

Superstar - Stepowany / Alden
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